Thursday, May 30, 2013

class evaluation

1. In general, what did you like most about this class?

i loved learning how to make Detailed animations with interesting stories 

2. In general, what did you like least about this class?


3. What were your most favorite project and least favorite project and why?

my favorite project was my final because i always liked making videos related to a song in the background
my least favorite project was my 3D short because i just couldn't think of a interesting story at the time

4. Do you feel that this class will help you achieve your future academic or career goals? How or why (or why not)?

Yes i do feel that this class will help because of the lip synching the walk cycles timing and all the principles of animation will help me make video games if i make it there 

5. Additional comments:

Mrs. Licata is a awesome teacher and i will miss all of my new friends i made in Animation we had good times i wish you all the best 

Reality TV post

what i learned:

  • adults watched things as kids that they wouldn't approve of for their own kids
  • not many shows revolve around watching as a family nowadays 
  • that Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars are some of the shows that are watched by families (i love Duck Dynasty)

  • i like that families can find things to watch together
  • i dont like that their isnt many things they can watch together
question: why do they have so little family based shows?

Glass Film making with Lajoie Petrov post

things in learned:

  • that they make animations on glass
  • that its only done by a few people
  • that the old man and the sea was on glass

  • i like how he was able to make the art look so awesome while doing it on glass
  • i don't like that not much more people do this style even though its hard work its very cool
question: what made him want to do it on glass in the first place?

Friday, May 17, 2013

weekly post

what i learned:

  • that i need to add a few things to my final to make it better even though i did think it was good in the beginning 
what i want to learn:

  • how to make a full scale video game
something that frustrated me this week:

  • the online proficiency assessment
something that made me happy:

  • passing the online proficiency assessment

i thought this was a great example of how music can really play into the song it made me think of the abstract audio project cause there was no singing involved but yet it was really good i loved how intense the emotions of the video played out in the music it was very well crafted i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

Documentary mistakes

things i learned:

  • that a soundtrack could make or break a documentary 
  • that you should do script after shooting in a documentary
  • that documentary writers sometimes don't even have a strong vision in mind

  • i like how this tells you all the simple mistakes you could make
  • i don't like how some mistakes that can occur could be avoided with a little common sense so why point them out
question: why don't they make sure the have a strong vision before they go with the idea?

'Brave' sexism post

what i learned:

  • that they call her a princess
  • that she hates the dress in the movie
  • that they even made a doll of the character (i.e. im a guy don't care about dolls)

  • i dont like that Disney isn't using the original idea for the character as a strong willed woman
  • i do like that people are fighting for the original concept of the character to be used in the doll
question: why did Disney make it so girly in the first place?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

weekly post

what i learned this week:

  • i learned that my project was a little more longer than i thought it was
what i want to learn in the future:

  • i want to learn to make video games 
something that frustrated me:

  • was the fact that i had to improve some things that i did find OK at first
something that made me happy this week:

  • i got these blogs done and i liked the improvements i had to add to my project